Reselling SEO Content What It Really Means

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It’s no wonder that there’s been an increasing demand from online small businesses for search engine optimization content. A shift towards SEO content among online retailers and small business owners has been in the works for a long time. Many realize that pay per click aids and outbound leads are not as effective as they once were, and expect web marketing companies to offer SEO content. However, it can be difficult for these companies to create SEO content directly. That’s why SEO reselling has become so popular. But what does outsourcing SEO really mean? And how do these companies find the best SEO reseller for their needs?

Outsourced SEO: What It Means

SEO reselling may be confusing at first – why outsource SEO, why spend time trying to find the best SEO reseller when you could just make it yourself? The fact is that SEO reselling simplifies a process that is more complicated, though ultimately more rewarding, than it may look. Creating SEO content involves using a client’s requested key words and parameters. It’s designed to get as many hits from search engines as possible, with 75% of users never scrolling past the first page of search results. The fact is that many web marketing companies simply don’t have the man power or resources to create SEO content by themselves. What ends up being far more cost effective is simply outsourcing, as is the case is many situations. The benefits are many, and once you find the best SEO reseller, you should hold on to them, as they’ll keep your clients happy.

What Makes SEO Content Superior?

So – what makes so many companies willing to buy and resell SEO? What makes SEO so special, for that matter? The fact is that SEO content simply has both a lower risk and a higher reward that outbound leads. On average, inbound leads like SEO content cost about 61% less than outbound leads. They also have a 14.6% closeout rate, compared to outbound leads that cost more but have a 1.7% closeout rate. Competitors simply can’t “close the deal” the way that SEO content can.

Outbound Leads Versus Inbound Leads

You know that inbound leads have a better success rate than outbound leads. But what are they, exactly? Outbound leads are exactly what they sound like, focusing less on the specific client and more on reaching out to as many people as possible, and thus spending more money on people who would never use your services. Its strategies include direct mailing and cold calls – in other words, things that many consumers are sick of. Inbound leads, on the other hand, focus on attracting the ideal client; that is, the client that will definitely use your services. The reason why SEO content works so well is that it focuses on things that your client is specifically searching for, rather than simply attempting at a blanket campaign.

Again: the reason why SEO has such a broad appeal is clear. You only need to look at results.